A Recipe for ‘Crate Success’

by Ann-Marie Peckham

For this ‘Recipe for Success’ you will need:

  • 24 ‘mystery crates’ full of various museum objects
  • An enthusiastic Superstore Project Team
  • 1 Forklift truck and driver
  • 1 Collections conservator
  • Various eager helpers
  • Cataloguing equipment and packing materials
  • 1 camera
  • 2 tablespoons of excitement

Preparation time: dependant on preparation area to be cleared.

Completion time: dependant on objects inside crate

Makes: 1 publically accessible store

Preparation method:

Before starting your ‘recipe for crate success’ add 2 tablespoons of excitement! Then using your enthusiastic superstore project team, collections conservator, forklift truck and driver and various eager helpers, prepare the floor space in your working area by clearing away any objects and making sure that they are stored away safely and securely.

First crate is being lowered with the help of Steve.


Step 1:

Select the mystery crate that you wish to work on (in this case No. 23, which contains various wooden items including bed posts and wicker baskets) and mix in 1 forklift truck and driver. Using the forklift truck and driver then gradually lower selected crate making sure it remains steady and stable until it has reached floor level.

(At this stage in the recipe the team and all helpers involved can let out a huge sigh of relief at the completion of a rather tension-filled stage 2!)

About to open the first crate!!

Step 2:

Once recovered, Use one enthusiastic member of the Superstore project team to remove the lid of crate no.23 (then set to one side…I mean the lid…. not the team member!)

Crate 23 open!

Step 3:

With the collections Conservator prepare some floor space with a sheet of jiffy foam. Carefully remove objects from the crate placing them on the foam ready to be audited (taking down details such as dimensions, descriptions and conservation requiremnts).

 Step 4:

After auditing, the objects are then ready to be photographed and wrapped for freezing. (The freezing process gets rid of any object damaging pests such as woodworm)…and voila! Your ‘recipe for success’ is complete and ready to enjoy!

NB: for complete success, repeat all stages another 23 times!

Dayna auditing the contents of crate 23

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