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By Wayne Kett As promised here is part 2 of my history of Norwich. Rather than attempt to tell the whole 1600 year story of Norwich (difficult in 2 blogs) I have chosen 10 events or periods that had a significant … Continue reading

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The Bolingbroke Collection

*The Shine a Light Project has been a collaborative effort involving many different departments across the museum service. To reflect this we are publishing some blogs written by contributors to the project from outside of the core team based at … Continue reading

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“This most mysterious animal”: A two part history of the bicycle

Invention and beginnings By Ann-Marie Peckham I remember visiting the Collections Store at Beamish, County Durham a few years ago and being amazed at their bicycle collection. Seeing nearly 200 years worth of developments in the appearance and mechanics of … Continue reading

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Chocs Away – Norwich’s History of Chocolate Making

By Dayna Woolbright Norwich is well known for its industrial past, manufacturing textiles, shoes and mustard from the famous Colmans mustard factory, but what about chocolate? The Gressenhall Superstore holds an abundance of social history items that relate to Norwich’s … Continue reading

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The History of Norwich (Part 1)

By Wayne Kett Here in the superstores we have objects related to Norfolk that cover a huge period of time, but predominantly we house a social history collection related to Norwich. The objects we have help to tell the history of … Continue reading

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