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‘Empty chairs at Empty tables?’ by Ann-Marie Peckham

Chairs are something that we have a lot of at the superstore, as you can see from the above photo (although there are actually much more than that!). You may not think they are a very exciting topic, but if … Continue reading

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The Mustard Revolution: The Life of Jeremiah James Colman

By Wayne Kett When Jeremiah James Colman was asked how he had made such a vast fortune from the sale of mustard he replied ‘I make my money from the mustard that people throw away on the sides of their plate’. … Continue reading

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The Georgians

By Dayna Woolbright The Georgian period spans 123 years, 1714-1837, and marks the period when England was ruled by the Hanoverian Kings, George I, George II, George III, George IV, William IV.The Georgian period saw much change; in politics, industry … Continue reading

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