Thetford Teenage History Club take over Norfolk Collections Centre!

Hello! We are members of the Teenage History Club from the Ancient House Museum in Thetford.

We have spent two days in February Half Term at Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse working with the team from the Shine-a-light project choosing objects to star in a new display.

thc trip

As we jumped out of the minibus and made our way to the huge warehouse that is home to the Norfolk Collections Centre (NCC) our first impressions were different across the group from that of entering another world, like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory to it  feeling ‘very cold and interesting’.

To start the day we had a tour of the building with Ann-Marie who is the Project Officer, we were shown lots of very interesting objects from a Mammoth Skull to Posture Chairs.

thc in freezer

Here we are outside the Freezer. We learnt how objects are packed with acid-free tissue paper and then wrapped in layers of plastic before being frozen to kill any moths or other bugs that might damage them….luckily the freezer was not actually on at this point!!

We were also lucky enough to get a behind the scenes peak at the Conservation Laboratory where the Snapdragons from the Castle Museum are currently being conserved.

thc and snaps

We also spent some time talking to Poppy and Etta who are Collections Trainees at Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse. They talked to us about the temporary exhibition that they are putting together about Norfolk’s Last Horseman, Ray Hubbard.

Ben and James don their latex gloves to take a closer look at the Steam Engine

On day two we put on our blue latex gloves and took a closer look at some of the objects that we are going to include in our display.

 Each member of the group picked on object that they found interesting or unusual. We wanted to choose a range of objects so that the visitors would get a small snapshot of the delights held in the NCC!

Here is Connor measuring one of our chosen objects to check that it will fit in the case.

One object that caused a heated debate between the group was a 3 piece-suite, originally from the 1930’s but which had been re-upholstered in the 1960’s in some very bright orange, mustard and brown coloured fabric. Some of the group thought it was lovely, colourful and interesting whilst others thought it was horrible and in very bad taste! We had an interesting conversation about whether Curators always like all of the objects they include in their exhibitions and we ended with a vote as to whether we should include it or not….you will have to wait and see whether it appears in our exhibition!

sofa armchair

Our final tasks for the day were to think about writing the labels for our objects and to write our blog entry…

thc and blogs

Here we are finishing off our two days of hard work with a well-earned tractor ride around the farm.

thc tractor

Our exhibition can be seen in the Collections Gallery at Gressenhall Farm & Workhouse  after 12th March 2014….we’ll be interested to hear what you think about the Armchair!

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