The Mystery of Colin the Dragon

We recently had half-term activities happening around the site at Gressenhall. It was also a first for us here at the Norfolk Collections Centre, we had activities in store!

This was an exciting new opportunity for us to open the store to a new audience of families and children and get our visitors to experience the collections in a different way.

But for those who didn’t manage to come along here is an online trail…


This is Colin our Collections Centre Snap Dragon

Colin’s mum and dad are being looked after by our conservation team. Colin is trying to find a way to get them home. What can you find to help him?

One of Colin’s parents in our conservation lab

We are going for a tour around the Norfolk Collections Centre, looking at some of our objects

Choose which object you think will help Colin…

You walk into our store and there is an object on your left, what is it?

fire ladder

Not sure that Colin thinks this would help, but it might be useful if the dragons start breathing fire. What object is next as we go around the store? You turn right past the fire ladder and towards the racking. The first object you see on the floor…….


Colin’s parents are being cleaned in our conservation lab, they don’t need this sweeper. The object above the sweeper and on the racking looks more like something you can travel in….

model boat edit

Remember we have to fit two snap dragons in and not just Colin, what’s on the left further along the racking, this looks a lot bigger….

Canoe 1

Don’t think dragons are happy travelling by water, what is that behind you?


That tricycle looks a bit too difficult to ride, especially for two dragons. Turn to your right and move further along the store, past our printing presses and towards our brewery section …

platform truck

Not sure that dragons and beer go well together. Turn around and walk past our Bullards Brewery sign, turn right and you are looking down the other side of the racking, past the piano and you are now looking at …

Canoe 2

Another water based jaunt is not what we are looking for. Go around to the left and at the far end of the store up against the wall, what can you see?



What will you use to help Colin get his parents back into the store?

We hope you enjoyed this little virtual walk around the collections and we hope to be open again soon

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4 Responses to The Mystery of Colin the Dragon

  1. Vanessa Trevelyan says:

    What a lovely activity. I’m so pleased to see the stores being opened up and used for fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks very much Vanessa. We were open for a total of six hours over three days in the holidays and had over 70 people in store enjoying the activity. We do enjoy doing the tours but it was good fun doing something different.


  2. Jenny Gladstone says:

    I enjoyed the Colin the Dragon tour. I would use the brewery platform truck to move dragons – safer than flying. Does anyone know when the snapdragons first came to Norwich?


    • Really glad you enjoyed the Colin the Dragon trail! It was great to have youngsters in the Norfolk Collections Centre and we thought we’d share the trail with everyone online. Nice to see you have the safety of the dragons in mind, might take a little longer with a brewery platform truck than with an aircraft wing?! The snaps have been a Norwich tradition for centuries, they first appeared in the Middle Ages as part of the Guild of St George procession in the 1300s and the snaps were used right up until the 20th century.


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