The West Runton Mammoth

May 2017 

We are very excited to announce the launch of a series of guided tours of the world famous ‘West Runton Mammoth’ with Dr David Waterhouse (Senior Curator of Natural History).

Initially these will be held on two dates during 2017 (Wednesday June 7th and Monday August 14th), but we hope to add many more dates in 2018.

Tickets can be booked online – West Runton Mammoth tour tickets 


Norfolk Museums Service, Senior Curator of Natural History, Dr David Waterhouse and former Teaching Museum Trainee Lauren O’Grady, with the right tusk and a portion of the skull from the West Runton Mammoth.

Before Woolly Mammoths roamed the plains of Ice Age Britain, there was an even bigger mammoth on the scene. In fact, Steppe Mammoths (including the West Runton Mammoth) may have been the largest elephant species to have existed.  At over four metres tall, the West Runton Mammoth stood taller than a double decker bus, and when alive weighed twice as much as a modern African Elephant. This mammoth dates from the Cromerian Stage (around 700,000 years old), and is the oldest and largest mammoth skeleton to have been found in the UK. Join experts from Norfolk Museums Service as they reveal the fascinating story of this extinct giant in its purpose-built research facility at the Norfolk Collections Centre*.

*Norfolk Collections Centre is located on site at Gressenhall Farm & Workhouse (NR20 4DR)



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