Say Hello to the 2020 Collections Trainees

This year was always going to be interesting for the Collections Department of Norfolk Museum Service, with a major transformation of Norwich Castle set to begin, but nobody could have predicted how different this year truly has been!

Following another excellent round of applications, we were joined earlier this year by not one but two trainees – Hemali and Hanley. We think we’re long overdue some proper introductions!

By our fellow trainee Kelly West

Hemali joins us as the Hazards Trainee, assisting in our Hazards Project – so look out for the wacky side of health and safety!

A trained photographer, Hemali volunteered with both the Science Museum and the V&A so, luckily for 2020, comes to us with hands on experience and a deep enthusiasm for everything Collections!

By our fellow trainee Kelly West

Hanley is our second trainee this year, joining us as our Digitisation Trainee, supporting our Project Officer in delivering the digital arm of the Royal Palace Reborn project.

Hanley is completely new to the museum sector, previously working in theatre, and brings along transferable skills and an excitement for discovery; especially useful in these digital times!

The NMS Trainees of 2020, by Kelly West

Hanely and Hemali are joined by 8 other trainees across the service, and are extremely excited to continue showing you more behind the scenes experiences from working in our busy Collections Department.

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