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‘Do not fear the great moo-moo’

by Laura Reeves Whenever I think of musical books, I think of a Pinocchio book my Mum attempted to read to me when I was a child. Most of the noises were beginning to fail and were slurring and crackly, … Continue reading

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Snakes & Ladders: A Matter of Fate and Destiny

By Wayne Kett Happy New Year!! I suspect many of you like myself enjoyed playing a board game with your family during the Christmas period. In my household this year, it was Monopoly, I usually loose and this year was … Continue reading

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With every Christmas card I write…

By Laura Reeves With it now less than a fortnight until Christmas day we would like to share you with some festive favourites from our collections. We’re technically breaking the rules here because this blog is supposed to celebrate our … Continue reading

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A perfectly packed first aid kit

by Laura Reeves My favourite thing about working with collections is that you never quite know what objects you will come across, and sometimes an object really strikes you as something special. Whilst accessioning donations at the Museum of Norwich, … Continue reading

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How to Accession an Object

By Wayne Kett Last week a few of us from Collections Management joined forces with one of our social history Curators and a couple of volunteers to accession into our collection a variety of recent donations to the Museum of … Continue reading

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The New Game of Virtue Rewarded and Vice Punished

By Wayne Kett In the year 1818 parents wishing to ensure their children grew into virtuous adults and free from vice, were given a new tool, in the form of a board game. To give it, its full name: The … Continue reading

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By Wayne Kett How do you add and subtract numbers? Hopefully if you were paying attention at school your answer will be ‘in my head’. However for many of us I suspect the truth is we reach for our smart … Continue reading

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